class nornir.core.connections.ConnectionPlugin

Connection plugins have to inherit from this class and provide implementations for both the open() and close() methods.


Underlying connection. Populated by open().


Dictionary to hold any data that needs to be shared between the connection plugin and the plugin tasks using this connection.

close() → None

Close the connection with the device

open(hostname: Optional[str], username: Optional[str], password: Optional[str], port: Optional[int], platform: Optional[str], extras: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, configuration: Optional[nornir.core.configuration.Config] = None) → None

Connect to the device and populate the attribute connection with the underlying connection

class nornir.core.connections.Connections
available = {}
classmethod deregister(name: str) → None

Deregisters a registered connection plugin by its name

Parameters:name – name of the connection plugin to deregister
classmethod deregister_all() → None

Deregisters all registered connection plugins

classmethod get_plugin(name: str) → Type[nornir.core.connections.ConnectionPlugin]

Fetches the connection plugin by name if already registered

Parameters:name – name of the connection plugin
classmethod register(name: str, plugin: Type[nornir.core.connections.ConnectionPlugin]) → None

Registers a connection plugin with a specified name

  • name – name of the connection plugin to register
  • plugin – defined connection plugin class

:obj:`nornir.core.exceptions.ConnectionPluginAlreadyRegistered` if – another plugin with the specified name was already registered

class nornir.core.connections.UnestablishedConnection
close() → NoReturn
disconnect() → NoReturn