nornir.plugins.tasks.apis.http_method(task: Optional[nornir.core.task.Task] = None, method: str = 'get', url: str = '', raise_for_status: bool = True, **kwargs) → nornir.core.task.Result

This is a convenience task that uses requests to interact with an HTTP server.

  • method – HTTP method to call
  • url – URL to connect to
  • raise_for_status – Whether to call raise_for_status method automatically or not. For quick reference, raise_for_status will consider an error if the return code is any of 4xx or 5xx
  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments will be passed to the request method

  • result (string/dict): Body of the response. Either text or a dict if the response was a json object
  • response (requests.Response): Original Response

Return type:

Result object with the following attributes set