class nornir.plugins.inventory.nsot.NSOTInventory(nsot_url: str = '', nsot_email: str = '', nsot_secret_key: str = '', nsot_auth_header: str = '', flatten_attributes: bool = True, *args, **kwargs)

Inventory plugin that uses nsot as backend.


An extra attribute site will be assigned to the host. The value will be the name of the site the host belongs to.

Environment Variables:
  • NSOT_URL: Corresponds to nsot_url argument
  • NSOT_EMAIL: Corresponds to nsot_email argument
  • NSOT_AUTH_HEADER: Corresponds to nsot_auth_header argument
  • NSOT_SECRET_KEY: Corresponds to nsot_secret_key argument
  • flatten_attributes – Assign host attributes to the root object. Useful for filtering hosts.
  • nsot_url – URL to nsot’s API (defaults to http://localhost:8990/api)
  • nsot_email – email for authtication (defaults to admin@acme.com)
  • nsot_auth_header – String for auth_header authentication (defaults to X-NSoT-Email)
  • nsot_secret_key – Secret Key for auth_token method. If given auth_token will be used as auth_method.