exception nornir.core.exceptions.ConflictingConfigurationWarning
exception nornir.core.exceptions.ConnectionAlreadyOpen(connection: Connection)

Raised when opening an already opened connection

exception nornir.core.exceptions.ConnectionException(connection: Connection)

Superclass for all the Connection* Exceptions

exception nornir.core.exceptions.ConnectionNotOpen(connection: Connection)

Raised when trying to close a connection that isn’t open

exception nornir.core.exceptions.NornirExecutionError(result: AggregatedResult)

Raised by nornir when any of the tasks managed by when any of the tasks fail.


Hosts that failed to complete the task

exception nornir.core.exceptions.NornirNoValidInventoryError

Raised by nornir when nornir.plugins.inventory.parse() fails to load any valid inventory

exception nornir.core.exceptions.NornirSubTaskError(task: Task, result: Result)

Raised by nornir when a sub task managed by has failed

exception nornir.core.exceptions.PluginAlreadyRegistered

Raised when trying to register an already registered plugin

exception nornir.core.exceptions.PluginNotRegistered

Raised when trying to access a plugin that is not registered